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The Art of Crafting the Perfect Easter Basket | With Johnathan H. Miller & Candice Smith

The Art of Crafting the Perfect Easter Basket | With Johnathan H. Miller & Candice Smith

Welcome to a special spring edition where we dive into the heartwarming world of Easter baskets with lifestyle expert Johnathan H. Miller and Candice Smith from 12 About Town. 🌸🎥 Spring is blooming, Easter is approaching, and we’re here to inspire you with ideas to make this Easter unforgettable. Johnathan shares his insights on the timeless question: should you go for the convenience of a premade Easter basket, or is there more value in adding a personal touch? 🐰💡 According to him, while premade baskets offer ease, the joy of curating a personalized basket brings an unparalleled level of intimacy and meaning to the holiday. This process is likened to home staging but for creating lasting memories. In this video, Johnathan walks us through: • The importance of personalization in your Easter baskets 🎁✨ • How to choose a theme based on the recipient’s interests or favorite colors 🎨🌈 • Ideas for DIY crafts and homemade treats to add a personal touch 🍪🖌️ • Making Easter basket assembly a fun family activity 🐣👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 • Balancing your budget while selecting meaningful items 💸❤️ We also get a peek at some of Johnathan’s personal Easter basket creations, demonstrating how each basket can be a unique expression of love and creativity. For those looking to dive deeper into the art of personalizing their holiday celebrations, Johnathan invites you to visit, where he shares more tips and tricks for making every occasion special. Let’s embrace the spirit of Easter by crafting moments of connection and joy. Whether you opt for a premade basket or decide to personalize your gifts, it’s the thought and love behind each gesture that truly matters. Don’t forget to swipe and explore Johnathan’s Easter basket gallery at the end of this video and hit that subscribe button for more festive ideas and lifestyle tips from Johnathan H. Miller. Together, let’s make this Easter filled with love, creativity, and a touch of sweetness. 🍫🌟 #EasterBasketIdeas #PersonalTouch #DIYEaster #JohnathanHMiller #LifestyleExpert #CraftingMemories #FamilyTime #SpringVibes #FestiveSeason #12abouttown #homestaging #lovelanguage
Why You Should Use Home Staging To Sell Your Home--Johnathan H. Miller--Candice Smith--12 About Town

Why You Should Use Home Staging To Sell Your Home--Johnathan H. Miller--Candice Smith--12 About Town

Johnathan Miller, a lifestyle and renowned home staging expert. helps you explore why investing in professional staging services is not just beneficial but essential for homeowners looking to sell. **Why Watch This Video?** - **Strategic Insights**: Understand the strategic importance of professional staging, from highlighting your home's best features to appealing to a wide array of potential buyers. - **Professional vs. DIY Staging**: Discover the tangible benefits of professional staging over DIY efforts or budget-friendly alternatives, including the impact on your home's selling price and market time. - **Expert Advice**: Gain expert advice on making your property stand out in a competitive market, ensuring a faster sale and the best possible price. This episode is a must-watch for anyone considering selling their home and contemplating the staging process. We delve into the significance of creating an immediate emotional connection for buyers, the advantages of professional staging services, and why it should be seen as an invaluable investment in your home's market success. **Engage and Connect** After watching, we invite you to explore further by visiting our website and following us on social media for more inspiration and advice on professional home staging: ⭐️BLOG VERSION: ⭐️Instagram: @johnathanhmiller]( ⭐️Facebook: @johnathanhmiller]( Whether you're new to the concept of home staging or looking to refine your strategy, this video provides essential insights and advice to guide you through the process, ensuring your home is viewed in the best light by potential buyers. **Subscribe** to our channel for more insights and tips on enhancing your home and lifestyle, and ensure your property achieves its maximum market value with professional staging.
Last Minute Holiday Gifts : Peter Blair and Dig : Johnathan H. Miller

Last Minute Holiday Gifts : Peter Blair and Dig : Johnathan H. Miller

🎁🐾 Join Candice Smith and I as we navigate the frenzy of last-minute holiday gift ideas with Peter Blair and Dig Pet Store! 🌟🎉 🔔 In this special episode, we're diving into the wonderland of holiday shopping for those who've waited just a tad too long. But fear not! We've got your back with the most unique and thoughtful gift ideas. Whether you're shopping for a fashion-forward friend or your furry family members, we've got something for everyone. 🛍️🎄 👔 Join us as we explore Peter Blair's exquisite collection of accessories. From luxurious ties to stylish pocket squares, these gifts are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any wardrobe. 🎩✨ 🐶 Then, we take a tail-wagging tour of Dig Pet Store, where pet pampering is redefined. Discover the latest in pet fashion, the yummiest treats, and the coziest beds that'll make your pets' holiday season extra special. 🦴🧸 🎥 What's in the video: 0:00 - Introduction to our last-minute holiday gift guide 0:45 - Spotlight on Peter Blair: Elegant Accessories for Him 2:30 - Dig Pet Store: Treasures for Your Furry Friends 4:15 - Unique Gift Ideas You Haven't Thought Of 5:40 - How to Wrap Your Last-Minute Gifts Creatively 7:25 - Closing Thoughts and Happy Holidays! 📣 SPECIAL OFFER ALERT! 🌟 Use the code HOLIDAYCHEER for a special discount at both Peter Blair and Dig Pet Store. Hurry, it's for a limited time only! 💬 Don't forget to leave your comments down below. We'd love to hear about your last-minute shopping adventures and what you picked up from our featured stores! 👍 If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more holiday fun and beyond. 🔔 Hit that bell icon to stay updated with our latest uploads – you won't want to miss out on what's coming up next! 🙏 A huge thank you to Peter Blair and Dig Pet Store for making this episode possible. And to all our viewers, Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping! 🎅🛍️ #LastMinuteGifts #HolidayShopping #PeterBlair #DigPetStore #PetLovers #FashionFinds #HolidayGiftGuide #ChristmasShopping #HappyHolidays ---
🎁✨ **Johnathan H. Miller - @12OnYourSide  | Elevate Your Gifting Game!** ✨🎁

🎁✨ **Johnathan H. Miller - @12OnYourSide | Elevate Your Gifting Game!** ✨🎁

Johnathan and Candice are back with another exciting segment that aired on NBC 12! This time, I’m diving into the delightful world of thoughtful office gifting. If you've ever been stumped about what to get for your coworkers, this is the video you can’t miss! 🎥 **In this segment, you'll discover:** - 🔍 **Personalized Gift Ideas**: I've got you covered with unique and personalized gift recommendations that cater to every coworker's taste. - 🌱 **Eco-friendly Choices**: Learn about sustainable gifts that not only impress but also contribute to a greener planet. - 🎨 **Creative Wrapping Tips**: I'll show you how to wrap these gifts in a way that's not just beautiful but also easy and fun! 👉 **Watch and Learn**: - 🎁 How to pick gifts that resonate with your coworker’s personal interests. - 🖋️ The art of adding a personal touch to even the simplest of presents. - 📚 Book recommendations, desk plants, and more for that perfect office gift. --- **🤝 Connect with Me!** - 📸 Follow @johnathanhmiller for daily doses of inspiration on lifestyle, crafting, and much more. - 💬 Share your office gifting stories or show off your gift wrapping skills using #JohnathanHMiller and #CraftingCommunity. --- **💖 We'd Love to Hear from You!** - 👇 Comment below your go-to strategy for office gifting or any unique wrapping hacks you swear by. - 🔄 Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell for more amazing content. Share this video with your friends and colleagues who might be in a gifting dilemma! --- 🎉 **Transform Your Gifting!** 🎉 Join me, Johnathan H. Miller, on this exciting journey and turn your next office gift into a memorable one. Let's make every gift count and every moment special. Tap play, get inspired, and become the gifting pro you were meant to be! 💫 #JohnathanHMiller #GiftWrappingGenius #OfficeGifts #LifestyleInfluencer #EcoFriendlyGifting #NBC12 #GiftingIdeas #ThoughtfulGifting #DIYGiftWrapping #WorkplaceGifting --- 🔗 **Links in the Video**: - [Subscribe to Little ELF]( - [More Office Gifting Ideas]( 📅 **Up Next**: Stay tuned for my next video on budget-friendly DIY holiday decorations! 🎄💡 **Watch, enjoy, and let's spread the joy of gifting! 🎁🌈**
🎁✨ Master the Art of Gift Wrapping with Johnathan H. Miller  @littleelfproducts

🎁✨ Master the Art of Gift Wrapping with Johnathan H. Miller @littleelfproducts

🛍️Dive into the world of creative gift wrapping with Johnathan H. Miller and Daniel Grimes at WDBJ7 Discover how to make your gifts stand out, regardless of your budget. Subscribe to Little ELF for more tips to make gift wrapping fun and easy: @littleelfproducts 🌟 **What You'll Learn**: - Ingenious wrapping tips for stunning presentation. - Tricks to elevate your gift-wrapping skills without breaking the bank. 💡 **Special Features**: - Step-by-step tutorials for various gift types. - Budget-friendly and eco-conscious wrapping ideas. 🔗 **Connect for More**: - Follow @johnathanhmiller for daily inspiration on crafting and lifestyle hacks. - Share your own gift wrapping creations with us! 👍 **Engage & Share**: - Hit like, subscribe for more DIY insights, and share your favorite wrapping idea in the comments. - Tag a friend who loves crafting and DIY projects. #GiftWrappingGenius #BudgetFriendlyDIY #EcoChicWrapping #JohnathanHMiller #CraftingCommunity #DIYGiftIdeas #HolidayPrep #CreativeWrapping #littleelf #gadget #sharktank #giftwrapping #wrapping #wrappingpresents #gifts #wrappinggifts #sharktank #giftwrap #giftwrappingideas #giftideas #hacks #christmas #christmas2024 #howtogiftwrap #giftwrap #christmaspresents #wrapping #wrappingideas #giftideas #howto #wrappingpaper #christmas 💬 **Join the Discussion**: - What's your go-to strategy for budget-friendly gift wrapping? - Do you have a unique wrapping hack you swear by? 🎉 Transform your gift-giving into an art form. Watch now and become a gift wrapping pro!
DIY Budget-Friendly Halloween Treat Bags for Kids | Johnathan H. Miller | Candice Smith

DIY Budget-Friendly Halloween Treat Bags for Kids | Johnathan H. Miller | Candice Smith

🎥 **Craft Along with Us**: Halloween is here, and it's time to add some DIY magic to the festivities! Join us in creating fun and budget-friendly Halloween treat bags, perfect for your child's classroom celebration. 💡 **Why You'll Love This Project**: - Simple, affordable, and super fun! - Perfect for adding a personal touch to Halloween treats. 🛍️ **Materials You'll Need**: - Party Bags: Pick colorful ones from a dollar store. - Colorful Ribbon: For a festive touch. - Halloween Pencils: Spooky and practical! - Assorted Candies: Because it’s Halloween! - Crayons: For a splash of creativity. - Snack Treats: Balance the sweets with something savory. 📝 **Easy Step-by-Step Guide**: 1. **Start with Your Bag**: Use it as your canvas. 2. **Add Candy Treats**: For a sweet surprise. 3. **Include Crayons**: Spark creativity. 4. **Insert a Halloween Pencil**: Fun and useful. 5. **Finish with a Snack Treat**: Savory meets sweet. 6. **Tie with Ribbon**: Adds charm and functionality. 🔗 **Get All Your Supplies Here**: - Dive into our DIY world: - Direct link to materials: 👍 **Join the Fun**: - Share your creations with us! - Subscribe for more budget-friendly DIY projects. 📌 **Popular Hashtags**: #HalloweenDIY #KidsCrafts #HalloweenFun #CraftingCommunity #JohnathanHMiller #CreativeKids #DIYHalloween #ClassroomCrafts 💬 **We’re Curious**: - What's your favorite Halloween craft project? - Any tips for fun and affordable DIY treats? 🎉 Get ready to spread joy and creativity this Halloween with these easy-to-make treat bags! --- I enhanced the description by adding engaging prompts, a clear structure, and hashtags to increase its appeal and potential viewership. The inclusion of a direct link for purchasing materials adds convenience for viewers.
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Johnathan H. Miller, is a distinguished Lifestyle and Design Expert, National Home Staging Expert, and Media Personality based in Virginia. With a versatile skill set that includes being a published Author, Gallery Owner, Speaker, and Industry Innovator, Johnathan's expertise spans various domains.


With regular appearances on NBC, CBS, HGTV, and prominent stages nationwide, where he shares valuable insights and tips on all things Lifestyle, DESIGN, and STAGING.


As the Founder and CEO of multiple design-sector companies, such as Gallery 1906 and Jsquared Accommodations, Johnathan started it all with Jsquared Interior Staging & Design, a multi-award-winning real estate staging, and marketing company that has successfully staged thousands of properties under the tagline 'Ready-Set-Sold®.'


As a highly regarded speaker, Johnathan is sought after by leaders and organizations to share his expertise on brand building through social media, home staging, interior design, and vacation rental design. He has conducted exclusive interviews with over 100 trusted thought-leaders and professionals, consistently staying ahead of industry trends.


Beyond his professional achievements, Johnathan's philanthropic efforts shine through his nonprofit, The Suitcase Solution, which is dedicated to helping abused women regain dignity through fashion.


In recognition of his trailblazing contributions, Johnathan received the prestigious 2023 Trailblazer Award from the International Association of Home Staging Professionals.


Johnathan's expertise is recognized globally, having been hand-selected to judge the European Home Staging Awards 2022 and Emcee the Mrs. Virginia Pageant in 2022.

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