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5 "Last Minute" Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Updated: Feb 21

5 Unforgettable Valentine's Day Gift Ideas That Speak the Language of Love

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to express your love in the most memorable ways. Whether you're celebrating with your significant other or cherishing the love of family and friends, it's the thought and creativity behind your gift that truly counts. This year, I've curated a list of five Valentine's Day gift ideas that promise to make this day unforgettable for you and your loved ones.

1. Dance the Night Away - Salsa and Bachata Lessons on the Roof of Kabana

Imagine the stars above, the city lights around you, and the rhythmic sound of salsa and bachata setting the scene for a romantic evening. Booking a dance lesson on the rooftop of Kabana offers a gift and an experience, one that combines the thrill of dance with breathtaking views. It's a perfect way to create new memories together and add a spark to your Valentine's Day celebration.

2. The Gift of Relaxation - Couples Massage at Massage Envy

There's nothing quite like the gift of relaxation and unwinding together. A couples massage from Massage Envy, booked for a later date, ensures that the celebration of love extends beyond just Valentine's Day. It's a thoughtful way to show care for your loved one's well-being while looking forward to a shared experience of tranquility and rejuvenation.

3. A Shopping Spree Adventure - Gift Card Extravaganza

For the love of adventure and the excitement of choice, a gift card shopping spree can be a delightful surprise. It's a versatile gift that allows your loved one to indulge in their favorite stores or explore new ones. Whether it's fashion, books, gadgets, or beauty products, the freedom to choose makes this gift a guaranteed hit.

4. Parisian Romance in RVA - A Night at Can Cary Town

Bring the City of Love closer to home with a reservation at Can Cary Town for a romantic Parisian-style evening. Transforming a regular night into an enchanting experience right in the heart of RVA, this dinner date promises French cuisine's allure, intimate ambiance, and the magic of Paris without ever having to leave your city.

5. Valentine's Day Lunch Surprise - With or Without the Kids

If evening plans are off the table due to the kids or other commitments, why not surprise your loved one with a Valentine's Day lunch at Can Can Cafe in downtown Richmond? It's a sweet way to celebrate love in the daylight, offering a moment of connection and enjoyment amidst the hustle of everyday life. And for those with kids, it's a wonderful opportunity to include them in the celebration of love, family-style.


Can Can Café at the Library of Virginia brings a taste of Richmond's favorite Parisian-style cafe and bakery to downtown! Breakfast includes fresh-baked pastries, lunch features soup, salad, sandwiches, and to-go pastries, desserts, and other items. Can Can's signature coffee service is available throughout the day.

Bonus Tip: Last-Minute Wows from My Amazon List

For those of us who are a tad behind schedule, fret not! My Amazon list is packed with gifts that will wow you but may get you into playful trouble for being late. There's something for everyone, from trendy gadgets and luxurious self-care products to unique home decor items. Remember, the thought and love behind the gift truly counts.

Valentine's Day is more than just gifts; it's about creating moments that become cherished memories. Whether you choose a night of dance, the relaxation of a massage, the adventure of a shopping spree, a taste of Paris in RVA, or a cozy family lunch, the most important gift is your time and presence. Here's to a day filled with love, laughter, and the joy of being together.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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