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Updated: Nov 23, 2023

With the fall breeze ushering in the new academic year, kids everywhere are busy sharpening their pencils and setting alarms. But what about our hard-working moms handling homeschooling, playdates, and endless summer days? We believe it's high time they received a pampering treat. To buy products from today's segment, click Mom's Self Care Must Haves:

**Moms, Your Me-Time Matters!**

The idea of treating oneself often comes paired with guilt for many moms. But here's a reminder: self-care isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. And who better than our moms deserve a little pampering?

**1. Fitness and Me-Time Combined:**

Ditch the 'mom guilt' and enter **Gold's Gym at Gayton Crossing**. Not just an avenue for you to get back into shape but a perfect oasis for some 'you' time. The cherry on the top? A whopping two free months and a tailor-made meal plan for moms who use the code: *12ABOUTTOWN*. Now, who said fitness couldn't be luxurious?

**2. Freshen Up with a Touch of Glam:**

Been feeling a bit worn out? Yearning for that pre-lockdown glow? I recommend **Jolie Aesthetics** for a subtle Botox touch-up. What's more? An exclusive 25% off all services and complimentary lip flips for our super moms. Time to embrace that refreshed, vacation-glow look. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT HERE

**3. New Moms, We've Got You Too!**

Can't seem to leave the house? We know it's hard to catch a break for the new moms out there. Why not indulge in the tropical aura of the **Brazilian Body Butter**? A quick after-shower ritual with this creamy potion promises to leave your skin feeling like silk.

**4. For the Hands that Do It All:**

Juggling work, home, and a baby can be taxing, especially on your hands. Johnathan's solution? The **Cincom Hand Massager**. A personal masseuse experience at your fingertips. Perfect for those moments when you sit down with a cup of tea, or while baby is asleep in one arm-slide one hand into this and relax a little yourself.

**5. When Dad's Home, It's Spa Time:**

Why wait for a spa appointment when you can create the same experience at home? Johnathan's top pick is the **Self-Care Home Spa Masks**. Call over a friend, or better yet, share one with your partner. Sink into relaxation and let the world fade away.

Moms, the school bell might be ringing for your kids, but for you, it's the bell of relaxation and pampering." So, take that well-earned break, dive into self-care, and remember: while the kids are away, the moms will play!

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