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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Finding the perfect Mother's Day gift can be tough. To help me find the perfect gifts I surveyed 20 Richmond “Mom’s” and thanks to those amazing ladies I was able to create a list of the best gifts that will make Mom feel extra special this year. Whether you're looking for something sentimental or an indulgent treat, there's something here to show her how much you care.

From at home organic spa treatments to stylish accessories, quality time and a few of our favorite gift card options are listed below to make this Mother's Day one she will treasure.

Farm House Fresh Skincare

What it is: A scrumptious bottle of love for heels and toes! Honey Heel Glaze® has been called an Instant Pedicure – loved by magazine editors and customers galore – because this golden serum seals in moisture and brings rich color back to tired feet.

What it is: Get quenched and chill out with this deep dip of cool hydration! This revitalizing mask is packed with fresh avocado butter, extract and oil from California-grown non-GMO creamy avocados to deliver key fatty acids to support the outermost layer of skin that helps protect us from environmental stresses. It's loved by SO many – featured in Teen Vogue for "helping calm and reduce redness" and in Essence magazine "to combat dryness and inflammation".

Why you'll love it: We call this our house-made spa butter! Blended with Vitamin E and Omega-6 rich U.S.-Grown non-GMO Soybean oil to calm even the severest of dry skin, without a hint of a greasy feel. The formulation also includes our FarmHouse Fresh®-grown heirloom organic cucumber extract with soothing antioxidants.

What it is: A splash of juicy purple vibes! Two of our blackberry lip favorites in one giftably gorgeous farm basket. Polish your pucker deliciously smooth with U.S. grown cane sugar, juicy organic Oregon blackberries, and a splash of rich Texas wine.Follow it up with a ridiculously rich, scrumptiously creamy lip balm. This long-wear formula lasts and lasts with just one application.

What fans say: "The presentation of the gift basket is like a breath of fresh air. I use it and put it back in the basket, the product is refreshing and works. Love it! Great as a gift or a treat for yourself."

What it is: A luxurious, skin-softening shea butter soap that’s 97% natural, triple milled and 100% dreamy. It builds to a rich, creamy lather – nourishing and softening skin with lush notes of heavy cream and fresh coconut.

Why you'll love it: Made with an ultra-gentle vegetable formula containing Certified Sustainable Palm Oil, it’s a favorite for those with sensitive skin. Plus, it's SO whipped and creamy, our customers even love shaving with it! Wrapped in a pastel blue, gingham-inspired pattern box, Coconut Cream Soap is a scrumptious addition for any bath, shower or sink!

What fans say: “I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the creamy coconut sudsy bar of bliss. It’s a must-have! The smell, texture and feeling of refreshed skin that isn’t dry is perfect for me!”

If Mom is a fashionista, give her the gift of style with new clothing and accessories. Jewelry is always a meaningful way to show your appreciation for Mom. This year gift her a style update with 9 new pairs of earrings.

When I surveyed 20 Mothers the #1 requested Gift for Mom on this holiday is “Quality Time”

Quality time is essential. It's the best way to show your mom how much you care this Mother's Day! Whether it’s a special outing, a home-cooked meal, or just spending some quiet time together, creating memories and experiences with your mother is the perfect gift for any special occasion. Showing your appreciation in this way is an expression of love and gratitude that will be remembered for years to come. So this Mother's Day, take the time to celebrate your mom in a way that she’ll truly appreciate and enjoy!

Bonus: Here is one of my favorite recipes so you can start the day right.

“Breakfast For Mom”

Scrambled Eggs Florentine

Eggs are a must for Mothers Day Breakfast, but they easily can be stepped up from your basic scramble or omelet. Here, we fold spinach and mascarpone into soft scrambled eggs and serve with a fabulous toast.


1/4 cup unsalted butter,

4 ounces fresh spinach, chopped

1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt, divided

6 large Eggs

3/4 cup mascarpone cheese

3 ounces Fontina cheese, shredded (about 3/4 cup), divided

1 tablespoon snipped fresh chives

Cracked black pepper

1 loaf crusty Italian-style bread, sliced and toasted


  1. Melt 2 tablespoons butter in a large nonstick skillet over medium. Add spinach and 1 teaspoon salt, and cook, turning with tongs, until wilted, about 3 minutes. Transfer spinach to a plate.

  2. Melt remaining 2 tablespoons butter in skillet. Add eggs, sprinkle with remaining 1/2 teaspoon salt, and swirl to coat skillet evenly. When edges are cooked, drag cooked egg to edges of pan using a heatproof rubber spatula to form large, soft curds. Cook until eggs are nearly set, about 4 minutes. Remove from heat. Gently fold mascarpone and 1/2 cup Fontina into eggs until cheeses are melted.

  3. Preheat broiler. Place egg mixture in a shallow 8-inch square baking dish. Sprinkle wilted spinach and remaining 1/4 cup Fontina on top. Broil until cheese is melted and bubbly, about 5 minutes. Garnish with chives and black pepper.

  4. Italian-style bread, sliced and toasted

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