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Peter-Blair & DIG The Ideal Spot for Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

In Richmond, VA, on Grove Avenue, you'll find Peter-Blair, a delightful store that many might not be familiar with. Revitalized under the new ownership of Elizabeth S. Creasey, this boutique is a treasure trove, especially for those seeking last-minute holiday gifts.

Peter-Blair transcends the typical men's clothing store, offering a lifestyle through its products. Their unique "classic with a twist" men's clothing and ties make the perfect holiday gifts for those who appreciate a blend of traditional and modern styles.

The store’s vibrant colors and rich fabrics create an inviting shopping experience, ensuring you find that special, stylish gift for the holidays.

For the Love of Pete Pet Store: Now DIG

A Paradise for Pet Lovers' Holiday Shopping

Just a short walk away, from Peter Blair still on “The Avenues” at Libbie and Grove, For the Love of Pete Pet Store, managed by Amanda and Jeffrey Lysak, awaits pet lovers. It's not just a pet store; it's a haven where you can find both essential and luxurious items for your pets, making it a fantastic spot for last-minute holiday shopping.

With its relaxed atmosphere, the store invites pets and their owners to shop together, making it easier to pick out the perfect holiday gift for your furry friends. From gourmet treats to stylish accessories, For the Love of Pete has everything to delight pet owners and their companions.

Your Go-To Destinations for Holiday Gifts in Richmond

Peter-Blair and For the Love of Pete Pet Store are not just shops; they are integral parts of Richmond's small business community, offering unique and thoughtful holiday gifts. Whether you're in search of an elegant piece of clothing for a loved one or a special treat for your pet, these stores provide

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