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RVA Staycation

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Looking to explore without traveling too far? Booking a staycation can be the perfect way to get away while still close by. Whether you're looking for an indulgent luxury resort or something more budget-friendly, there's something out there that will suit your needs!

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I was eager with anticipation when I booked my local trip at The Graduate Hotel Richmond - and it certainly lived up to my expectations.

Graduate Richmond -- is a stunning 205-room hotel located near Virginia Commonwealth University, just moments from the airport and deep in 400 years of American history. Step inside for mid-century minimalism fused with preppy elements paying homage to local tennis luminary Arthur Ashe! Soak up 360° city views at Byrd House rooftop bar & restaurant while enjoying delicious eats by their pool; then visit Brookfield café on the lobby level. With its rich heritage, Graduate Richmond stands as part of an esteemed collection: the 9th installment in Graduate Hotels' lineup.

In the hotel lobby you can work quietly work on the chic blue sofa fun fact the LED Coffee Table has customizable phrases that are reflected through the glass in the table to create an artful interpretation of Richmond-centric quotes.

or start the day in the Brookfield where you can have an upscale experience that offers something for everyone? The lobby café is the place to be! Whether you're starting your morning with a delicious breakfast, grabbing lunch between meetings or sipping signature cocktails late into the night - there's always something to offer. Enjoy country club favorites such as secret recipe soups and stacked clubhouse sandwiches; all served up in fabulous style.

The Room

Adorned with amazing decor defined as "Preppy mixed with mid-century minimalism and a hint of history" in this room you can escape to the comfort of a king bed surrounded by mod and punk-inspired decor, all wrapped up in layers of cozy preppy plaid. Check items off your to do list at the dedicated work station or take some time to stretch out and relax in the seating area - this East Coast retreat offers an inviting haven away from home!

The signature artwork shows off the American Foxhound which is believed to have originated in the states of Maryland and Virginia and is the state dog of Virginia.

The Rooftop

Houses a pool and restaurant "Byrdhouse" was closed for and is currently getting a refresh for the 2023 season. I did get a sneak peek and wow what a spectacular view! You have to check out the panoramic views of the city as you sip on a perfect concoction and indulge in delicious shareable snacks.

They have a signature cocktail bar, where 21+ guests can socialize while swimming or just lounging. The new decor will make it an unforgettable experience! I can not wait until summer.

The perfect souvenir for my 2023 adventure!

The hotel in collaboration with renowned publisher Rizzoli created the perfect souvenir. I picked up this incredible coffee table book in the hotel which captures local stories and college nostalgia through the lens of The Graduate Hotels 35 locations. It's also the perfect reminder to plan my next adventure.

Whether you’re looking for an adventurous getaway, a relaxing retreat, or just a place to work during the day. The Graduate Hotel Brand is the perfect staycation option. With comfortable rooms and amenities, convenient locations and budget-friendly prices, Graduate Hotel is an ideal choice when it comes to planning your next staycation getaway. So book a Graduate Hotel today and treat yourself to a weekend of rest, relaxation and fun!

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